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Contract 1

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Scheduling Confirmation Between Client and ABC Seminar Group


This letter outlines the understanding and agreement between Client and ABC Seminar Group (ABC) regarding a presentation to be provided for Client by ABC. It is designed to be a communication tool clearly confirming time, date, title, etc., and defining responsibilities of both parties. Please let us know immediately if your understanding is different than the following.


ABC Seminar Group Will:

  • Present a program titled __________________ for Client.
  • Customize the program, as needed, to fit the needs of this group.
  • Provide the materials for the participants’ use only. Materials are copyrighted, and unless specified in the materials or in writing, reproduction of any portion is prohibited.
  • Abide by the professionalism and ethics guidelines set forth by the NationalSpeakers Association at all times. A copy is attached.
  • Jane Doe will personally conduct this session; if, because of physical incapacitation, she is unable to do so, Client will have the choice of having another


ABC presenter conduct the session or having Jane speak at another session with no cancellation fee. ABC is in no way liable for any expenses relating to this program in the event Jane is unable to appear. (Jane hasn’t missed an engagement in her 21 years in business.)


Date and Time of Presentation:

________________________2001 ____:____a/pm -____:____a/pm

Jane will be there approximately 1 hour before her program begins. Please make arrangements so she can get in the room to set up.


Location of Presentation:


(Company, Hotel, Convention Center) Street City Phone

Equipment Preferences:

• NO lectern

• 1 flip chart with markers

• ½” VCR w/ monitor

• LCD projector —NOT LCD pad (for our Macintosh computer)

• Overhead projector

• Which will sit on 6' table in front with tablecloth

• Freestanding screen (preferred, but fixed screen OK)

• Lavaliere mic (if more than 60 people), wireless preferred

• If corded mic - cord long enough to reach back row

• 1' high riser if more than 100 people

• Stair set in front of riser

• If there is a head table on riser, please set it back 2-3' so Jane can speak in front of it

• 6' table near door for educational materials display


Room Set-up Preferences:

• Rounded U-shape or Chevronned Classroom or Semicircular Theater (see attached diagram)

• Please set the room wide rather than deep


Client will make all arrangements for the location of this program, and for informing the participants.

Please send ABC copies of any announcements to the participants regarding this program.

Honorarium, Terms and Conditions:

Honorarium: $_____________

In order to cover advance costs (e.g., air fare) and assure Jane will be available for your

program, a deposit in the amount of $________is required by __________.

The remainder of the honorarium, $___________,is due at the conclusion of the presentation;

please present it to Jane.

Jane will provide all workbooks, at a cost of $______per person. This will be billed after the


Early Bird Payment Discount

If full honorarium is received by ABC on or before the deposit due date, deduct 5% of payment

as Early Bird Payment Discount.


Shall include round-trip coach-plus* air fare from Anywhere,CA to ________________;

ground transportation; hotel (if not billed to Client ’s address); food and gratuities. Balance of

travel expenses will be billed after event. Travel expenses will be prorated among all clients

served in your area on the same trip.

*Coach-plus air fare is the least expensive air fare available at time of booking (usually Super Saver) plus the cost

of upgrade stickers. This enables us to fly first class but only charge you a deep discounted coach rate.

In order to save you money, when available and practical, we book the most cost and time

effective flights. Often these flights have penalties if changed so if there is a cancellation or

postponement on the part of Client. Client is responsible for reimbursement of the nonrefundable

part of the air fare.

Overnight Accommodations:

Shall be made by Client,and billed to Client at Client’s business address.(A non-smoking room

is preferred.) Reservations have been made for Jane:

For:_______________________,2001 At:___________________________

(Date/s) (Name of Motel, Hotel, etc.)

__________________________ ___________________________

(Phone) (Street)

__________________________ ___________________________

(Confirmation #) (City, State, Zip)


Name, description and phone numbers of persons picking Jane up from the airport:

_______________________ ___________________ __________________

Name Business phone Home phone


If before or on the way to the event, an emergency should arise, Jane should contact the

following person(s).

_______________________ ___________________ __________________

Name Business phone Home phone

_______________________ ___________________ __________________

Name Business phone Home phone

Reinforcement Option:

ABC extends to Client the option to purchase reinforcement materials at special quantity pricing

of 10% discount off retail price (in parentheses).

􀀀 Yes,we wish to exercise this option. Please provide the quantities listed.

_____Customer Service book ($12.95)

_____Success tape ($9.95)

􀀀 We regret we cannot exercise this option at this time. You may make reinforcement

materials available for individual purchase at the time of your program.


Once a date is set aside and a presentation confirmed, we often incur commitments of time and

resources on your behalf, well in advance of the program date. Because a

cancellation/postponement initiated by the Client causes losses, either through direct resource

expenditure or because of turning down other business for this date, we have found it necessary

to include the following cancellation clause, effective in all cases other than acts of God (e.g.,

major disasters):

100%of fee if cancelled in less than 30 days before;

50%of fee if cancelled in 31 to 60 days before;

25%of fee if cancelled in 61 to 90 days before.

If cancellation/postponement is unavoidable, please verify the cancellation by telephone,

followed by a written letter to ABC within five days. If we can sell the time, we will, of course,

refund your fee, minus any out-of-pocket expenses we have incurred on your behalf.

Audio & Video Recording:

We encourage professional audio and video taping of our sessions. We ask:

1) a professional taping technician to do the taping;

2) we receive the master copy within 30 days of the session;

3) copies may not be sold, but distributed to your internal staff only.

If this is of interest, we will send an addendum to this agreement, as any taping arrangements

must be made in advance of the program.


By: Jane Doe By:__________________________

Title: President Title:_________________________

Co: ABC Seminar Group Co: __________________________

Date: __________________ Date:____________________

National Speakers Association Code of Professional Ethics

To establish and maintain public confidence in the professionalism, honesty, ability and integrity

of the professional speaker is fundamental to the future success of the National Speakers

Association, its members, and the profession of speaking.

To this end, members of the Association have adopted and, as a condition of membership,

subscribe to this Code of Professional Ethics. By doing so, the members give notice that they

recognize the vital need to preserve and encourage fair and equitable practices among all who

are engaged in the profession of speaking.

Members of the NSA are dedicated individuals sincerely concerned with the interests of all who

come in contact with the profession. To this end, NSA members subscribe to this Professional


I pledge myself to honesty and integrity; to pursue my profession and education to the end that

service to my clients shall always be maintained at the highest possible level.

I pledge myself to seek and maintain an equitable, honorable and cooperative association with

fellow members of NSA and with all others who may become a part of my business and

professional life.

I pledge myself to comply with the standards of NSA as set forth in its bylaws and this Code of

Professional Ethics.

• The NSA member shall accurately represent qualifications and experience in both oral and

written communications.

• The NSA member shall act and speak on a high professional level so as to neither offend nor

bring discredit to the speaking profession.

• The NSA member shall exert diligence to understand the client’s organization, approaches and

goals in advance of the presentation.

• The NSA member shall avoid using materials, titles and thematic creations originated by

others, either orally or in writing.

• The NSA member shall limit services to those areas in which the member is qualified to serve,

taking into consideration available opportunities for the member to develop new materials or to

undertake new fields. When unable or unqualified to fulfill requests for presentations, the NSA

member shall make every effort to recommend the services of other qualified speakers or


• The NSA member shall maintain the trust of clients, and fidelity concerning the business or

personal affairs of a client, agents and other speakers who may reveal confidential information.

• The NSA member shall protect the public against fraud or unfair practices and shall attempt to

eliminate from the speaking profession all practices which bring discredit to the profession.

• Violations of the obligations of this Code shall be determined in accordance to the Bylaws,

policies and procedures of the National Speakers Association. Disciplinary actions shall be

instituted by the National Speakers Association in accordance with Bylaws and Rules and

Regulations established by the Association. Any such disciplinary action shall be final and

binding upon the NSA member and without recourse to the Association, its officers, members or


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